Why Music and Real Estate Aren’t So Different with Stanley Gallant

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Why Music and Real Estate Aren’t So Different with Stanley Gallant

On this episode we’re joined by Stanley Gallant, a real estate agent at Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate. Stanley initially pursued a career in music, but eventually decided to join his father in real estate. While these two industries appear to be worlds apart, they are similar in their connection-based foundation; the people who succeed in these spaces give as much as they get and bring a communal perspective to their work.

[0:00:25] Stanley’s educational background and the career he initially pursued.

[0:01:03] When and why he decided to pivot to real estate.

[0:01:35] How often he used to perform, and the role music plays in his life now.

[0:02:54] The clients Stanley enjoys working with the most.

[0:03:40] What it was like entering the industry just as COVID shutdowns began.

[0:05:27] The similarities between music and real estate.

[0:06:43] What the Edmonton real estate scene is like for those working in it.

[0:07:18] Stanley’s experience establishing himself in the industry.

[0:09:21] How he figured out this was the right career path for him.

[0:11:15] The big transaction he completed that reset his expectations of the market.

[0:13:53] How increased mortgage rates and inflation influenced buyers and sellers.

[0:15:03] The new trend Stanley is seeing in the market right now.

[0:16:42] The clients that gravitate towards Stanley and his connection with them.

[0:18:22] The best strategy you can have as a real estate agent.

[0:18:44] Where you can watch Stanley perform.