How You Can Maximize Your Dollar When Buying a Home in Today’s Market with Catherine Haub

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
How You Can Maximize Your Dollar When Buying a Home in Today’s Market with Catherine Haub

In this episode we’re welcoming Catherine Haub, a realtor with YEG Property Pros. During the episode, Catherine emphasizes how really listening to her clients has helped her create a more curated approach for each person’s needs. She also shares her tips for buying a home suitable to your lifestyle and how to make smart buying and selling decisions.


[0:00:29] The experience that initially got Catherine interested in real estate.

[0:02:12] What made her realize that this was the right career for her.

[0:02:57] How her first transaction went and what the market was like at that time.

[0:04:09] Why she loves working with first time home buyers.

[0:05:10] How Catherine helps her clients overcome their fears.

[0:06:24] What people with pets should know before they buy.

[0:08:23] What condo boards may accept or deny pets, specifically when it comes to dogs.

[0:10:25] The biggest obstacle Catherine faces in her work and how she manages it.

[0:11:08] The deal she had that almost blew up and what she learned from it.

[0:14:21] Why you don’t always need to go to your max budget as a buyer.

[0:16:22] The difficult situation buyers encounter and why it’s still better to jump into the market than not.

[0:17:51] How long you should own a home before selling it.

[0:19:29] How clients are maximizing the value of their dollar in today’s market.

[0:23:24] The biggest complaint clients have about their agents and how to avoid this issue.

[0:24:54] Why it’s important to find a realtor you actually get along with.

[0:25:39] The benefit of setting realistic expectations for buyers and sellers.

Why Music and Real Estate Aren’t So Different with Stanley Gallant

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Why Music and Real Estate Aren’t So Different with Stanley Gallant

On this episode we’re joined by Stanley Gallant, a real estate agent at Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate. Stanley initially pursued a career in music, but eventually decided to join his father in real estate. While these two industries appear to be worlds apart, they are similar in their connection-based foundation; the people who succeed in these spaces give as much as they get and bring a communal perspective to their work.

[0:00:25] Stanley’s educational background and the career he initially pursued.

[0:01:03] When and why he decided to pivot to real estate.

[0:01:35] How often he used to perform, and the role music plays in his life now.

[0:02:54] The clients Stanley enjoys working with the most.

[0:03:40] What it was like entering the industry just as COVID shutdowns began.

[0:05:27] The similarities between music and real estate.

[0:06:43] What the Edmonton real estate scene is like for those working in it.

[0:07:18] Stanley’s experience establishing himself in the industry.

[0:09:21] How he figured out this was the right career path for him.

[0:11:15] The big transaction he completed that reset his expectations of the market.

[0:13:53] How increased mortgage rates and inflation influenced buyers and sellers.

[0:15:03] The new trend Stanley is seeing in the market right now.

[0:16:42] The clients that gravitate towards Stanley and his connection with them.

[0:18:22] The best strategy you can have as a real estate agent.

[0:18:44] Where you can watch Stanley perform.

The Human Touch in Edmonton’s Real Estate Landscape with Jill Jordan

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
The Human Touch in Edmonton's Real Estate Landscape with Jill Jordan

In this episode, veteran realtor Jill Jordan from RE/MAX joins the discussion to decode Edmonton’s real estate market, sharing insights from her 20-year journey. She explains her career shift, the gender dynamics of the industry, and the emotional aspects of real estate. Jill provides strategies for navigating competitive offers, setting realistic expectations for home maintenance, and understanding the long-term implications of property decisions.


[0:00:54] Jill’s background in the hospitality industry and how she transitioned to real estate.

[0:02:30] How gender dynamics historically influenced women’s success in selling homes.

[0:03:45] Why Jill’s approach focuses on long-term client plans and collaboration.

[0:06:20] Why understanding clients’ future needs is crucial for successful home purchases.

[0:10:26] How Edmonton’s market shift affects buyer expectations and property values.

[0:11:30] Why competitive offer scenarios require strategies beyond the highest price.

[0:12:40] How buyer education on home maintenance sets realistic expectations.

[0:16:39] How relationship-building contributes to real estate success and client comfort.

[0:17:50] Why Jill’s confident style resonated with clients during the 2005-2007 boom.

[0:20:30] Why long-term budget considerations are essential in Jill’s client guidance.

[0:25:10] Why financing clauses are crucial in offers to mitigate unforeseen banking issues.

[0:26:35] How inexperienced agents can jeopardize deals during renegotiation after inspections.

[0:28:00] Why agents must guide clients with expertise through risky decisions.

[0:31:42] How Jill’s personal home purchase reflects the emotional and financial aspects of realty.

[0:33:00] Why considering long-term home impact is more important than initial price negotiations.

[0:34:20] How current market conditions may penalize buyers waiting for lower prices.

[0:35:50] Why “date the rate, marry the house” emphasizes the home’s value over fluctuating rates.

[38:18] Why the so-called “high” interest rates of today are not deterring buyers.

[40:15] Situations where it’s important to stay factual.

[0:42:37] How to choose a real estate agent in a market you’re unfamiliar with.

Unveiling Edmonton’s Emerging Neighbourhoods with Ross Osioway

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Unveiling Edmonton’s Emerging Neighbourhoods with Ross Osioway

Today we’re alongside Ross Osioway, a real estate expert from EXP Realty, shares his journey from wholesale electronics to the Edmonton real estate market. The discussion covers market dynamics, challenges faced during COVID-19 with the effects still being felt today, and the intricacies of property transactions such as the importance of realistic timelines. Ross also offers insights into emerging neighbourhoods and the resilience of the real estate industry.


[0:00:29] How Ross describes the current Edmonton real estate market during the winter season.

[0:02:17] Why Ross transitioned from wholesale electronics to real estate.

[0:04:45] How new developments like Quesnell Heights and Ritchie are changing the dynamics of the Edmonton real estate landscape.

[0:10:30] The challenges Ross faced with COVID-19 protocols in real estate, and how it affected property viewings and transactions.

[0:12:44] Why attention to detail in listing preparation is a key to Ross’s success in real estate.

[0:15:58] Comparing the experiences of working with buyers versus sellers.

[0:18:36] Why understanding a condo corporation’s finances are crucial when selling condo properties.

[0:20:45] How setting realistic timelines for offers benefits the real estate transaction process.

[0:22:20] What emotional factors can come into play when sellers decide to back out of a deal.

[0:25:31] How the influx of buyers from other provinces impacts the Edmonton market, and what it says about inventory levels.

[0:27:08] Why home inspections are valuable regardless of the age of the property.

[0:31:02] How Ross approaches the unpredictability of the real estate market.

Crafting Connections in the Housing Market with Mike Grue

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Crafting Connections in the Housing Market with Mike Grue

We’re joined by Mike Grue from Century 21 Masters in St. Albert on today’s show. He recounts his transition to real estate, inspired by the desire for a family-oriented career and guided by Simon Sinek’s book “Find Your Why.” The discussion delves into the emotional aspects of property transactions, the importance of relationships in the industry, and navigating the competitive Edmonton real estate market with practical strategies for buyers and sellers.


[0:00:40] How Mike transitioned from hazardous materials emergency response to real estate.

[0:02:30] Why building relationships in real estate is about more than just transactions for Mike.

[0:04:15] How “Find Your Why” influenced Mike’s career shift.

[0:06:00] Why the emotional component of buying or selling a home impacts clients deeply.

[0:08:47] How an offhand comment led to a quick house sale and the importance of serendipity.

[0:10:22] Why trust and professional networks are crucial in real estate dealings.

[0:12:05] How Mike aids families in planting roots, highlighting the emotional rewards of real estate.

[0:14:00] Why managing estate sale transactions can be complex and challenging.

[0:17:30] Why understanding financial situations is important in a seller’s market.

[0:19:25] How Mike advises clients on the risks and rewards of conditional versus unconditional offers.

[0:20:35] Why the Edmonton market is becoming a seller’s market due to an influx of people.

[0:22:10] How Mike prepares clients for multiple offer scenarios and potential market shifts.

[0:24:00] Why property inspections are essential in managing risks in real estate transactions.

[0:25:45] How financing conditions can impact the outcome of a property purchase.

[0:27:35] Why a strong real estate professional network is key to navigating complex transactions.

[0:29:21] How the importance of building relationships extends beyond the real estate industry.

[0:30:10] Why clients should interview multiple agents to ensure a good professional fit.

Navigating Edmonton’s Condo and Townhome Investments with Nathan Lorenz

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Navigating Edmonton's Condo and Townhome Investments with Nathan Lorenz

Nathan Lorenz with Real Broker joins us for this episode to examine the resilient Edmonton real estate market. Transitioning from computer science to real estate, Nathan provides insights on market trends, rent-to-own deals, and the impact of social media on real estate. We also hear about the importance of a realtor’s expertise in various market segments along with the significance of teamwork in navigating the property investment landscape.


[0:00:29] A background on Nathan and how he transitioned from computer science to a successful real estate career in Edmonton.

[0:02:15] Why the Edmonton real estate market showed a 3.9% rise in median home prices in 2023.

[0:03:40] How investors from other provinces are increasingly attracted to Edmonton’s market.

[0:06:59] Why clear communication is crucial in complex rent-to-own real estate deals.

[0:08:25] How to identify cash flow opportunities in Edmonton’s affordable condos and townhomes.

[0:09:33] Why understanding a condo corporation’s financial health is important for investors.

[0:12:45] How high-quality photos and targeted online advertising are essential for professional real estate marketing.

[0:14:56] How social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok connect realtors with out-of-province clients.

[0:16:22] Why realtor expertise in specific market segments is vital for client success.

[0:18:00] How professional marketing strategies like virtual staging can enhance property listings.

[0:19:45] Why knowledge of cash flow and return on investment is necessary for realtors advising on rental properties.

[0:20:30] How media coverage can miss temporary real estate price pullbacks and opportunities.

[0:22:04] Why teamwork and collaboration are key in navigating complex real estate market trends.

Real Estate Resilience and Wisdom with Michael and Cole Grekul

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Real Estate Resilience and Wisdom with Michael and Cole Grekul

We’re welcoming Michael and Cole Grekul from MaxWell Progressive in today’s episode. The father-son duo will bring us through topics such as renting versus buying, the challenges faced by new realtors during the pandemic, and strategies for both buyers and sellers in the current market. They also emphasize the importance of preparation and financial prudence in property transactions, plus they’ll share personal tales from their experiences in the industry.


[0:01:15] Why transitioning from hospitality to real estate offered a sustainable career path.

[0:02:45] How in-migration patterns impact Edmonton’s real estate market and local economy.

[0:03:50] Why new Canadians face unique challenges when buying their first homes in Alberta.

[0:10:08] How renting can provide financial flexibility for the elderly after selling their home.

[0:11:30] Why renting before buying helps newcomers get acquainted with Edmonton’s neighbourhoods.

[0:12:50] How the pandemic created learning curves for new realtors.

[0:13:45] Why understanding clients’ needs is crucial in hot markets and multiple offer scenarios.

[0:21:49] How the emotional rollercoaster of real estate can lead to rewarding wins and challenging losses.

[0:22:20] Why financial prudence is essential when dealing with clients’ budgets in property transactions.

[0:25:24] How generational wisdom about the value of land influences long-term vision in real estate.

[0:26:10] Why selecting a compatible realtor involves interviews, referrals, and trusting instincts.

[0:27:35] How market pressure remains despite a healthy inventory.

[0:32:33] Why preparation is key for sellers to make a strong first impression with their homes.

[0:33:45] How buyers’ financial positions affect offer strategies in competitive situations.

[0:34:10] Why professional advice is vital to navigate complex decisions in real estate transactions.

[0:35:49] How patience and strategic planning can benefit those looking to rebuild credit and manage debt.

Financial Security Through Private Lending

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Financial Security Through Private Lending

Today we’re welcoming Steve Kurylo and Mark Berry from Magnum Mortgage to talk about the future of the Edmonton real estate market. We’ll get into the role of private lending in real estate, migration trends, inflation, rising interest rates, and the possible solutions offered by private lending.


[0:02:20] Why Steve believes owning multiple rental properties is important for financial security.

[0:04:35] How private lending has been an integral part of the real estate industry for centuries.

[0:05:50] Why private lending is becoming increasingly important as government policies tighten qualification rates.

[0:07:30] How changes in traditional lending practices are leading to more people turning to private lending.

[0:08:45] Why even people with excellent credit are now resorting to private lending.

[0:10:58] The trend of high housing prices in Ontario and BC leading people to move to Alberta.

[0:12:20] How private lending plays a particularly significant role for investment properties.

[0:14:45] Why the funds at Magnum come from private individuals, providing more control to investors.

[0:20:22] How private lending offers solutions for borrowers during periods of inflation and rising interest rates.

[0:21:40] Why private lending provides stability for borrowers during both active and depressed markets.

[0:23:15] How private lending played a crucial role during a previous accelerated real estate market.

[0:31:12] Why high-density housing holds potential for future growth in the Alberta real estate market.

[0:33:30] How prosperity sharing can benefit the overall Canadian economy in the future.

[0:35:00] How the shift towards private lending provides more control over financial investments for individuals.

Real Estate Transactions and the Law with Graham Barr

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Real Estate Transactions and the Law with Graham Barr

Joining us today is Graham Barr, a lawyer with Barr LLP in Edmonton. Today we’re going to be talking all about the law as it relates to real estate transactions.

[0:30] Tell me what your firm does when it comes to real estate transactions.

  • Since 2015, we decided to focus on real estate. Our hearts lie with residential homes.

[0:54] Why do you need a lawyer when you’re buying or selling a home?

  • We still do contracts by signature, necessitating contracts over handshakes between people.
  • The banks prefer a lawyer to be a part of the transaction to reduce liability.

[02:23] What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you’re buying a home, the lawyer represents the buyer and the seller. Tell us more about that.

  • Purchasers often don’t realize that when they’re visiting their mortgage broker, part of the process involves hiring a lawyer for the bank and for them.

[03:20] What does a lawyer typically cost these days for a real estate transaction?

  • We’re able to find efficiencies to keep our legal fees static.
  • A traditional purchase typically costs about $850.

[04:53] If we look at today’s market, interest rates have gone up dramatically. Have you seen an impact in deals going through as a result?

  • It’s pretty rare. When you create your original contract, it’s the perfect opportunity to have it reviewed in advance to look specifically at the conditions.
  • If you’re not able to obtain the finance necessary to close, you should never be removing your condition of finance.

[7:30] What are some of the issues people run into with condominiums?

  • There are certain documents as set out by the corporation that they must have on hand for both owners and prospective purchasers.
  • A lot of people don’t realize that when they are buying a condo, they are buying into a business. They are buying shares of a corporation in Alberta.

[10:36] Give us the 411 on title insurance—why lenders want it and why buyers should get it.

  • Alberta has a unique land title system. It’s a very transparent title system.
  • If it’s your land, that legal description has to reflect all of the applicable registrations.

[15:00] Why else would lenders want title insurance?

  • For security. Lenders want to be first on title and first in line, so they obtain priority.
  • My recommendation to almost every buyer is to have a title insurance policy.

[18:33] Are you seeing any trends right now in residential real estate in Edmonton?

  • There are certain segments that seem to move faster than others.
  • Transactions between $300,000-$500,000 make up over 80% of our work right now.

[19:10] One thing I’m seeing is a buyout from one spouse to another. Are you seeing this?

  • A lot of couples have multiple properties. There’s a lot of restriction in the rental market.
  • Stresses are taking their toll, leading to marital breakdown and thus more purchases.

[20:45] How should people approach buying a place together when they’re not married?

  • We are doing away with the term common law—what we have now are adult interdependent partnerships.
  • Come to an agreement before you make the purchase.

[25:23] What happens if one person buys and the other person’s significant other is not on title?

  • The moment you decide to cohabitate with someone, create an agreement on paper.

[26:19] Wife wants to refinance, husband is advised to get independent legal advice. What’s that about?

  • If either spouse has lived in the property since marriage, the other spouse must consent to the transaction.

[29:44] What are some of the crazy scenarios you’ve found yourself in within real estate law?

  • What happens if the home burns down while you’re waiting for key release? I’ve had that happen three times in my 15-year career.
  • The deal is unwound, and the purchaser is released of their obligations.

[32:48] What are some of the more day-to-day issues that could cause problems?

  • When purchasers take possession and the home isn’t in the same condition as when they last saw it.
  • There are certain things you will want to turn around and tell your lawyers about right away.

[39:04] A lot of builders tell buyers to use their lawyer. What’s your thought on that?

  • I started my career working for a law firm that represented most of the large home builders in the city.
  • At the time you go to your builder and they provide you with their contract, do not sign it without legal advice. Their contracts are biased in favour of the builder.
  • Once you’ve signed the contract, there’s no reason you shouldn’t work with their lawyer for registration needs.

[20:45] In Alberta, a transaction is supposed to close at 12 PM. Lenders don’t necessarily follow this. What kind of problems does this cause for the buyer and seller?

  • Late closing doesn’t mean days, it means hours.
  • If your lender isn’t an Alberta lender, there’s a good chance your funds are coming from a Toronto office. Your lawyer can ask for a delay on the same calendar day.

[46:30] Inevitably, people are closing on a Friday. It’s a disaster, right? Multiple days of delayed interest.

  • Where we know it is the fault of the bank, we’ve encouraged clients to reach out to their bank, explain the situation, and ask for compensation.

[47:54] The other issue with late lenders is not having your keys by the time the movers arrive.

  • Part of our firm’s ethos is you should always see and talk to a lawyer. You’re never going to close at noon. It’s our job to set the expectations for a transaction.
  • Do not book third party companies for the day of closing.

[49:40] One potential solution for money showing up late is tenancy at will. Tell me about that.

  • When a purchaser has their downpayment, has their cash to close, has signed their documents, and is otherwise ready to close, if their lender or the selling side is not yet ready, they can still ask to move into the property.

[51:50] How should you go about choosing a lawyer?

  • The Canadian Bar Association is a membership of all lawyers across Canada. It’s a database of real estate lawyers I can reach out to and ask if they’ll be a lawyer.
  • Look for online reputation. Reviews are a great way of deciding who you should trust.


Contact Graham:

Barr LLP



Mortgage Myth 4

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Mortgage Myth 4

This is the fourth in our mortgage myths series. Elissa Fesyk is asking Jason about the myths surrounding banks and brokers.

If you have been with a bank for a long time and have a great relationship with them, do you need a broker? It depends. From Jason’s perspective, a client should benefit from expanded options.

Jason does work with banks as well; it just depends on what the best option for the client is. There are any number of circumstances that could impact the decision of your borrowing, and having options is always going to be beneficial.

If the best deal for you is at your bank, Jason will place you there. It doesn’t always make a difference, but sometimes the relationship can benefit you. However, they aren’t beholden to you, unlike brokers who want to get you the best deal.