012: Why You Need a Home Inspection as a New Home Buyer

Jason Scott talks with John Davis, owner and master inspector with Cabin to Castle Home Inspections, about the benefits of working with a home inspector, and common misconceptions of property inspections.


John Davis is the owner of Cabin to Castle Home Inspections. He previously worked as a framer in residential home construction before entering the Apprentice program at NAIT, where he became a red seal journeyman painter. Transforming his 1976 painting business into a general construction company, sold 27 years later after great success, John founded Cabin to Castle. It has now become the largest independent property inspection company in Alberta.

John shares why buyers and sellers can benefit from working with a trusted home inspector, and some common misconceptions surrounding what a home inspection entails.

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Key Points

  • [0:23] How did you get into the business?
  • [1:16] What do you specialize in?
  • [2:09] Tell us what a home inspection is and what it is not.
  • [2:40] Can a property “fail” a home inspection?
  • [4:42] What are some common issues you see in homes?
  • [7:27] What sets you apart from other inspectors?
  • [10:30] Should someone have an inspection done on a new home?
  • [11:25] What are typical problems you see in newer properties?
  • [15:18] Does an inspection act as a “warranty” on the home?
  • [18:08] How does the quality of a home differ between the style of property?
  • [19:23] Should someone have condos inspected?
  • [20:18] What should people look for in an inspector?
  • [23:36] Anything else you’d like to add?
  • [24:37] Should sellers have an inspection done?

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