Unveiling Edmonton’s Emerging Neighbourhoods with Ross Osioway

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Unveiling Edmonton’s Emerging Neighbourhoods with Ross Osioway

Today we’re alongside Ross Osioway, a real estate expert from EXP Realty, shares his journey from wholesale electronics to the Edmonton real estate market. The discussion covers market dynamics, challenges faced during COVID-19 with the effects still being felt today, and the intricacies of property transactions such as the importance of realistic timelines. Ross also offers insights into emerging neighbourhoods and the resilience of the real estate industry.


[0:00:29] How Ross describes the current Edmonton real estate market during the winter season.

[0:02:17] Why Ross transitioned from wholesale electronics to real estate.

[0:04:45] How new developments like Quesnell Heights and Ritchie are changing the dynamics of the Edmonton real estate landscape.

[0:10:30] The challenges Ross faced with COVID-19 protocols in real estate, and how it affected property viewings and transactions.

[0:12:44] Why attention to detail in listing preparation is a key to Ross’s success in real estate.

[0:15:58] Comparing the experiences of working with buyers versus sellers.

[0:18:36] Why understanding a condo corporation’s finances are crucial when selling condo properties.

[0:20:45] How setting realistic timelines for offers benefits the real estate transaction process.

[0:22:20] What emotional factors can come into play when sellers decide to back out of a deal.

[0:25:31] How the influx of buyers from other provinces impacts the Edmonton market, and what it says about inventory levels.

[0:27:08] Why home inspections are valuable regardless of the age of the property.

[0:31:02] How Ross approaches the unpredictability of the real estate market.