004: Sarah Leib Offers Advice for Buying and Selling In Edmonton

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
004: Sarah Leib Offers Advice for Buying and Selling In Edmonton

Jason Scott talks with Sarah Leib, an Edmonton real estate agent with RE/MAX River City.
Sarah and her husband are both real estate investors and share the management of their rental portfolios.
Sarah discusses how she manages her 30 rental units.
Sarah’s been a realtor in Edmonton for 5 years.

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Advantages of being a realtor and running rentals

  • You get to know neighbourhoods quickly
  • You learn what people value in rentals

New condo buyers should look for:

  • location
  • new condos: quality of construction, condo fee schedule

Buying a mature house in Edmonton? Be aware of:

  • the foundation. Brick, block, or concrete?
  • does it have a low basement?

Multiple offers?

  • as a seller, disclose the situation of multiple offers with the name of the buyer’s agent. Confirm.
  • as a buyer, ask for the name of the other buyers’ agent

Advice in finding a real estate agent

  • honesty, communicative
  • experience in the type of building
  • experience in the neighbourhood

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