Navigating Edmonton’s Condo and Townhome Investments with Nathan Lorenz

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Navigating Edmonton's Condo and Townhome Investments with Nathan Lorenz

Nathan Lorenz with Real Broker joins us for this episode to examine the resilient Edmonton real estate market. Transitioning from computer science to real estate, Nathan provides insights on market trends, rent-to-own deals, and the impact of social media on real estate. We also hear about the importance of a realtor’s expertise in various market segments along with the significance of teamwork in navigating the property investment landscape.


[0:00:29] A background on Nathan and how he transitioned from computer science to a successful real estate career in Edmonton.

[0:02:15] Why the Edmonton real estate market showed a 3.9% rise in median home prices in 2023.

[0:03:40] How investors from other provinces are increasingly attracted to Edmonton’s market.

[0:06:59] Why clear communication is crucial in complex rent-to-own real estate deals.

[0:08:25] How to identify cash flow opportunities in Edmonton’s affordable condos and townhomes.

[0:09:33] Why understanding a condo corporation’s financial health is important for investors.

[0:12:45] How high-quality photos and targeted online advertising are essential for professional real estate marketing.

[0:14:56] How social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok connect realtors with out-of-province clients.

[0:16:22] Why realtor expertise in specific market segments is vital for client success.

[0:18:00] How professional marketing strategies like virtual staging can enhance property listings.

[0:19:45] Why knowledge of cash flow and return on investment is necessary for realtors advising on rental properties.

[0:20:30] How media coverage can miss temporary real estate price pullbacks and opportunities.

[0:22:04] Why teamwork and collaboration are key in navigating complex real estate market trends.