Buying a New Home vs Buying Resale

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
Buying a New Home vs Buying Resale

Our guest today is Michael Leoppky with Maxwell Devonshire Realty. He is joining us to discuss what you need to know about buying a brand-new home versus buying resale.

[0:20] Tell me about yourself.

  • I became a licensed agent a little over 2 years ago. Before that, I worked in the new home building world for over 11 years.

[0:58] What are the differences between being a realtor and being a builder salesperson?

  • The licensing. There’s a fair amount of education and accountability involved.
  • There are legal responsibilities to my clients, compared to the entirely different area of builder representative. There was a lot less black and white there.

[02:21] What led to your career change?

  • The main appeal was having that black and white aspect of realty.
  • Committing to people’s best interest really appealed to me. In the building world, you were always forced to pick a side.

[03:39] What are the advantages of buying new?

  • Typically, you are getting new technology. Everything is built to today’s standards and codes, so you don’t have to worry about older build issues.
  • Building new, you have the option to personalize that home.

[05:11] What are the disadvantages of buying new?

  • While it’s a positive investment, there will be a lag before seeing a return.
  • It’s important to look at how long you are planning on staying in the property because of investment appreciation.

[08:09] Obviously, with resale, there’s risk of extra costs like renovations.

  • There are all kinds of unknown risks with resale but we take action to mitigate those risks.

[08:33] When meeting with a new client, how do you help them decide which path to take?

  • I start with a discovery meeting where I ask a lot of questions and get down into the why and where of moving. Everything builds a picture of what fits with clients’ needs and wants.

[09:50] Why would a buyer opting for a new home want to work with an agent?

  • As an agent, I have a legal responsibility to work in your best interests.
  • When you walk into a show home, there’s no obligation to disclose. There is no confidentiality.

[12:49] If I make an offer on a place, who has the power to say yes or no?

  • The sales manager decides.

[14:50] As a realtor, your background makes you a valuable resource for clients.

  • It certainly helps ascertaining reasonable prices. When you get a realtor and salesperson working together that care about the client, that is the perfect situation.

[17:37] If I am using a realtor, am I going to end up paying more?

  • No.

[21:56] What should buyers be aware of when looking at builders and neighborhoods?

  • There is a lot involved to consider. It’s no different than looking at listings. What’s important to you, what are your values?

[27:19] What are some of the biggest misconceptions about new builds?

  • That everything is made cheap. Builders don’t make huge margins.
  • My default response to ‘they don’t build them like they used to’ is thank goodness.

[30:49] Many contracts say there are no unauthorized site visits. Why is that?

  • Safety is obviously the biggest reason. You also have to consider that they have a process.

[33:00] Should you have a subject to inspection clause?

  • It depends on the builder, but it’s a good question to keep in mind. Remember that there is warranty insurance.


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