019: ‘Realtor To The Rescue’ Dave Ozubko Talks Pets And The Hot Areas Of Edmonton

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
019: 'Realtor To The Rescue' Dave Ozubko Talks Pets And The Hot Areas Of Edmonton

Jason Scott talks with Dave Ozubko a Realtor with  RE/MAX Elite.


Dave Ozubko started off in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He learned that going above and beyond for his customers was the key to building and maintaining a business. These skills have served him well when he made the decision to change careers and become a Realtor. Dave has been named RE/MAX Elite’s Rookie of the Year, recipient of the 2016 RE/MAX rising star award, and was recently recognized at being in the top 5% of Edmonton Realtors. In his personal life, he is a strong love of animals, he takes a percentage of every home sold and donates it to the local animal shelter and takes great pride in not only helping you find a home but also finding forever homes for animals. Check out 

Jason and Dave talk about Daves background, his work with animals, and the current state of the Edmonton Market.

Key Points & Questions

  • [1:50] If you always take care of your clients and put their needs first, the business and the money will follow.
  • [3:25] What are some of the challenges that people run into, whether buying or selling when they have a pet?
    • Condos are more of an issue than a single family dwelling.
    • Finding pet-friendly housing is one of the main reasons people start thinking about buying their first home.
    • By hiding your pet(s) you run the risk of fines or even eviction.
  • [5:53] How do you stage a home for sale that has damage and orders from a pet?
  • [6:25] How important is home staging?
    • Staging and presentation are all about optics and impression.
    • Home staging starts with a strong online presence with photos and videos.
    •  We have a painter who comes in and paints all the little nicks and scratches and paints all the floorboards.
  • [13:30] What is the current Edmonton market looking like? (July 2017)
    • It’s very active.
    • Some areas are hotter than others. Infill areas like Richie, King Edward Park, Forest Heights, and Bonneville have been very desirable.
    • Making sure details like lot dimensions are included in your listing will help get it sold.
  • [17:55] What sort of roadblocks are you encountering on the financing side?
  • [19:04] What areas are experiencing softness currently?
    • Outskirt areas like Leduc have been struggling.
    • Large condo developments.
    • When buying try to think long term.
  • [20:45] Is there a certain demographic that should or shouldn’t be looking at the condo market?
  • [22:30] Just because you’re approved for a $500,000 loan, doesn’t mean you need to use it all. Being cash poor and having all of your money going to bills is not a good way to live.
  • [23:40] What sort of traits should someone be looking for in a Realtor?
    • The interview and selection of your realtor are very important.
    • Ask them about their statistics. Much like athletes, Realtors have the numbers like the amount of time on market, how many houses sold last year, what percentage of sales to list compared to the average.
    • Find someone that is passionate about their career and who is active in their community.

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Contact Dave Ozubko

Web: www.davesells.ca

Tel: 7809668227