005: Simon and Elizabeth Schellenberg Share Which Neighbourhoods Are Hottest in Edmonton

Jason Scott talks with Simon and Elizabeth Schellenberg. They’re married realtors who specialize in basement suite investments.

Getting the family to help out

  • kids can help break the ice with clients
  • helps connect you with your clients

Current trends in Edmonton

  • clients moving toward certainty
  • best to warn buyers when a property is going to move fast
  • still a lot of buyers even in a slower market
  • some of the fastest selling properties are well priced suited houses

Hot neighbourhoods in Edmonton

  • centrally located areas like Forest Heights, King Edward
  • Westmount and Inglewood
  • Queen Mary Park should see growth after the arena project is completed

Unconditional offers?

  • never sign an unconditional offer
  • only exception is if it’s an all-cash buyer, or an experienced developer.

What to look for in a realtor

  • someone who listens to the buyer’s needs
  • a good negotiator who is relatable and isn’t aggressive


  • “The fast eat the slow”
  • “Be yourself”
  • “Do the right thing and the money will come”

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