027: John Braconnier of Professional Realty Group

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
027: John Braconnier of Professional Realty Group

Today’s guest is John Braconnier from Professional Real Estate Group. He is relatively new to real estate, beginning his career about two and a half years ago. In that time, he has developed a database of around fourteen hundred people and is now beginning to get referrals.

[0:57] What industry did you come from originally?

  • Like most Albertans, I worked in the oil and gas business.
  • It let me see the explosive real estate growth in Fort McMurray, which really piqued my interest.
  • When I helped my first client, the feeling let me know that real estate was for me.

[4:03] Are there any areas of Edmonton or the surrounding area that you specialize in?

  • I specialize in Sherwood Park and have been building up most of my client base there.
  • Every month, I publish a report about the area called Sherwood Park Homes & Lifestyles.

[5:09] What’s going on in Sherwood Park these days?

  • We technically have been in a seller’s market. We started with six to seven months of inventory at the beginning of this year, but it quickly turned.
  • Starting in April, we dropped down to 2.4 months of inventory.
  • The market is not doing well on acreages. It’s because of the aging market and the young people who see that it’s too much work.

[8:26] What are seniors looking for in their new properties?

  • They’re going from bigger houses to bungalows around twelve hundred square feet. They want features like granite countertops in these houses.
  • They’re also looking for condo-like apartments.
  • Some clients are looking for secondary suites to supplement their pension.

[13:38] What do you see going on in the condo market right now?

  • The developers have been building a lot of new condo-style apartments, but they haven’t been selling. The prices are down and they’re turning them into rentals.
  • Professional Real Estate Group has seen vacancy rates decreasing.
  • The rental market tends to strengthen in economic downturns.
  • It’s a great opportunity for millennials and seniors to get some secondary income.
  • Alberta has a cyclical economy, and when it comes back, it comes back strong.

[17:00] If you look back at your last ten transactions, what other trends have you seen?

  • A lot of people that immigrated to Canada in the last five years or so are ready to buy.
  • I’ve worked with a number of first-time homeowners. They know what they want, and they generally move in within a month.
  • I take my time to lead them through the process because they are usually unfamiliar with it.

[20:10] If you had a family member moving to another part of the country, what qualities should they look for in a realtor?

  • You want to find someone that takes the time to develop a relationship with you and listens to what your needs are.
  • We’re problem solvers. We need to find out the obstacle in front of the client and then remove it for them.
  • The realtor shouldn’t apply pressure. Just be empathetic and enjoy the experience. It’s our job to educate them about the market.
  • I ask my clients to rate houses we’ve looked at, and then focus on homes in the same category as ones they rated above eight.

[22:38] Are there any other comments that you have?

  • It’s a tough go for a lot of realtors out there now. My suggestion is to get involved with new tools and technologies.
  • Treat customers like gold and develop a relationship.

John Braconnier
Realtor®, Professional Realty Group

Sherwood Park Homes & Lifestyles: https://www.facebook.com/SherwoodParkHomesandLifestyles/

026: Skip the Listing Process with Sweetly

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
026: Skip the Listing Process with Sweetly

Today’s guest is Aidan Woodfine of Sweetly Real Estate. Originally from Camrose, he moved to Edmonton when he was about twelve-years-old and has been a realtor for six years. A former poker player, Aidan got into real estate when he realized he needed a new career path.

[2:33] Are there any parallels between poker and real estate?

  • Poker is about seeking value. When you’re working with clients in real estate, you need to provide and seek value in similar ways.
  • In poker, you’re always trying to think about what the other person is doing based on their tendencies. It’s similar to thinking about why clients are making certain decisions.

[5:38] What have you been seeing in the market lately?

  • It’s been slow, and the condo market has been hit the hardest because there’s a lot of inventory.

[6:39] Tell me about the new approach you’re taking towards real estate with Sweetly.

  • We launched Sweetly with the idea of modelling it after the iBuyers in the US.
  • These are websites that allow you to enter your property’s info and receive an offer within twenty-four hours.
  • If you go to our website, you’ll be provided with an offer within twenty-four hours as well. We look at comparables and then send the offer, but another option is to request a private evaluation.

[9:12] Why would a seller want to do this?

  • Our offer is good for ninety days, so they can pick their own closing date.
  • Another huge benefit is that there’s no showings with people going through your home.

[10:48] Where does Sweetly make money in this process?

  • We charge a service fee of 5.5%.
  • We’ll pay 80% market value upfront, and our fee is deducted from the final sale price.

[13:07] What traction have you been getting so far?

  • Seniors especially have been very positive about our model.
  • We’re focusing on homes between $280,000 and $500,000, but we’ve made a few exceptions.
  • If a client doesn’t want to go with the Simply model, we can still take care of them as a traditional realtor.
  • We’ve worked with a few clients where they’ve already bought their next home but haven’t been able to sell their current one.

[15:57] How do you make sure you get top dollar for that original seller?

  • We’ve had discrepancies between what the seller thinks it’s worth and what we think it’s worth. We’ve given them the 80% based on our evaluation, but list it for what they think it’s worth.

[18:52] What is the difference between what Sweetly can bring to that table versus what you have been doing for the past six years?

  • We can do a lot more. It feels really good that I can go into a presentation and provide a solution for people that didn’t have one before.
  • There’s a learning curve, but once they get it, they wonder why every real estate agent doesn’t offer this.

[19:41] What is some of the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?

  • I recently heard “only work with the willing,” and that stuck with me.

[20:53] Have there been any themes with your last few transactions?

  • They’ve been a bit more gruelling. I’m finding that buyers are expecting the world, but sellers are not accommodating to that because their prices have slipped.

[22:16] What should people be looking for in a realtor?

  • Having a few years of experience is pretty important. Picking a realtor with good reviews and that understands the market is important as well.

Sweetly: https://sellsweetly.ca/

#227, 6005 Gateway Blvd NW
Edmonton, AB
T6H 2H3




025: Team Ewanchuk

I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
025: Team Ewanchuk

Glenn and Angie Ewanchuk are welcomed to the podcast today. They are husband-and-wife realtors with RE/MAX Excellence right here in Edmonton, with over twenty years of combined experience.

[0:59] How does your business work as a husband and wife team?

  • It works quite well because we can split up the duties. Glenn is responsible for the face-to-face, while Angie does the searching, paperwork, and setting up client meetings.

[1:57] What trends in Edmonton have you been seeing these days?

  • The market has been a bit slow, but it’s increasing now because it’s spring.
  • The stress test for mortgages has been putting stress on buyers.
  • There are a lot of substandard properties being listed for sale, but the buyers are expecting more, so it makes it’s more difficult to find something they like.
  • Some buyers come into a home thinking they can lowball because they’ve been told it’s a buyer’s market, but that’s not always the case.

[7:30] You mentioned that the worst thing you can do is start at a higher list price and then drop it. Why is that?

  • Every property that gets listed has an MLS history. People can go in and see that the price kept getting reduced, and they will think that the seller is getting desperate.
  • If the property is overpriced, it will become stale on the market.

[11:06] How did you end up becoming realtors?

  • We had an automotive accessory business for sixteen years prior to becoming real estate agents.
  • When we bought our own house, our real estate agent was a regular client at our business.
  • He convinced Angie to go to real estate school and work for him.
  • Later, we were approached to sell the business, so that was our chance to sell and for Glenn to get into real estate.

[14:05] Was there a particular instance that made you think “this is why I want to be a realtor?”

  • When searching for a new home, we ended up losing a few because agents wouldn’t listen our needs. We realized that the only way we were going to get the property of our dreams was to represent ourselves.
  • With our clients, we listen to them very carefully. When we view a property with them, we look for all the reasons that they shouldn’t buy.

[17:08] Do you have a special approach with first-time buyers?

  • We really enjoy first-time buyers because we have a great system that we use every single time.
  • We meet them in a casual setting and continue to educate them along the way.
  • They tell us their wishes and we begin searching.

[19:37] What’s the most frustrating day you’ve had in real estate?

  • Glenn was working with a young couple for about two months. We finally came across a house that was perfect for them.
  • Their parents came to view the house and did not like it. They said there was no way that the young couple were buying it.
  • It’s okay for parents to view houses, but they should be viewing all of them from the beginning.

[24:38] What advice would you give someone to determine if they were working with a good agent?

  • They have to be accessible at all times.
  • It’s a good idea to question them on their experience and background.
  • In this day and age, everyone should be checking out their agents on things like Google Reviews.

Visit Team Ewanchuk Real Estate online: https://glennewanchuk.com/

024: Michael Brodrick – Chair of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
024: Michael Brodrick - Chair of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

Today we are joined by Michael Brodrick, Chair of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. He discusses what’s going on in the real estate market today, how the stress test has effected sellers and buyers, and his predictions for the future of the Canadian market.

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023: Spruce Grove’s Travis Hawryluk Shares His Top Tips For Sellers

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
023: Spruce Grove's Travis Hawryluk Shares His Top Tips For Sellers

Jason Scott talks to Travis Hawryluk with REMAX.

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021: City Councillor Andrew Knack’s Take On The Future Of Edmonton Development

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
021: City Councillor Andrew Knack's Take On The Future Of Edmonton Development

Jason Scott talks with Andrew Knack City Councillor of Edmonton’s Ward 1.

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020: Find Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Safe Contractors With Handyman Connection

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
020: Find Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Safe Contractors With Handyman Connection

About this episode of the I Love Edmonton Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jason Scott talks with Carol Morhart, Owner and General Manager of Handyman Connection.


Carol Morhart is the owner and general manager of Handyman Connection. Handyman Connection connects you with the right contractor for the job you need done. When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and do it right. Each one of our craftsmen has over 10 years of experience and have all gone through a thorough background check.

Carol started with the company 20 years ago as a customer service rep and worked her way up to general manager, then owner in 2012.

  • [00:31] Tell us a bit about Handyman Connection and what do they do.
  • [03:07] When someone is in the process of selling their home, would Handyman Connection be the right choice to fix up all the little things?
  • [06:55] Why would I use Handyman over your average contractor?
    • Our services are safe. All of our contractors have passed background checks, and have liability insurance.
    • We don’t charge anything to come out for a consultation. We only charge when the work is finished.
    • We let you buy your own materials so no mark-ups.
  • [09:40] Why is WCB and liability insurance so important?
  • [11:30] Is there a job too small?
  • [12:45] Can you give us some examples of times when homeowners tried to do a project themselves that didn’t go well, and you came to the rescue?
  • [16:40] Pets can be hard to work around, they are curious. Carol tells a story of a time a curious cat got trapped under a subfloor. (Don’t worry she got out fine)
  • [19:35] We have been recognized by HomeStars, been awarded a consumers choice award, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • [23:30] My most frustrating day would be the same as a home owner. When a worker does not show up on time or there is a lack of communication, it’s a problem for me like it would be for you.
  • [24:50] How should you choose a contractor?
    • Always do your homework.
    • Get 3 estimates.
    • Make sure you get everything in writing.
  • [25:35] You have to know when a contractor has a pre-paid license and when they do not.
    • You do NOT have to prepay a contractor as a down payment unless they have a pre-paid license.
    • Many homeowners make this mistake.
  • [27:30] Renovations do not have to be scary.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0F_WwLfHUw]



Web: edmonton.handymanconnection.com

Tel:  780-414-6152




More About the I Love Edmonton Real Estate Podcast

Host Jason Scott of The Mortgage Group talks to everyone and anyone who knows real estate in Edmonton.

Learn from local experts and get the inside scoop on anything that impacts Edmonton’s real estate market. Whether you are thinking of buying, selling or investing in the Edmonton market, Jason and his guests are here to help.

We interview top real estate professionals, decision-makers, influencers, and people who can help you learn more about what’s happening in Edmonton.







019: ‘Realtor To The Rescue’ Dave Ozubko Talks Pets And The Hot Areas Of Edmonton

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
019: 'Realtor To The Rescue' Dave Ozubko Talks Pets And The Hot Areas Of Edmonton

Jason Scott talks with Dave Ozubko a Realtor with  RE/MAX Elite.


Dave Ozubko started off in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He learned that going above and beyond for his customers was the key to building and maintaining a business. These skills have served him well when he made the decision to change careers and become a Realtor. Dave has been named RE/MAX Elite’s Rookie of the Year, recipient of the 2016 RE/MAX rising star award, and was recently recognized at being in the top 5% of Edmonton Realtors. In his personal life, he is a strong love of animals, he takes a percentage of every home sold and donates it to the local animal shelter and takes great pride in not only helping you find a home but also finding forever homes for animals. Check out 

Jason and Dave talk about Daves background, his work with animals, and the current state of the Edmonton Market.

Key Points & Questions

  • [1:50] If you always take care of your clients and put their needs first, the business and the money will follow.
  • [3:25] What are some of the challenges that people run into, whether buying or selling when they have a pet?
    • Condos are more of an issue than a single family dwelling.
    • Finding pet-friendly housing is one of the main reasons people start thinking about buying their first home.
    • By hiding your pet(s) you run the risk of fines or even eviction.
  • [5:53] How do you stage a home for sale that has damage and orders from a pet?
  • [6:25] How important is home staging?
    • Staging and presentation are all about optics and impression.
    • Home staging starts with a strong online presence with photos and videos.
    •  We have a painter who comes in and paints all the little nicks and scratches and paints all the floorboards.
  • [13:30] What is the current Edmonton market looking like? (July 2017)
    • It’s very active.
    • Some areas are hotter than others. Infill areas like Richie, King Edward Park, Forest Heights, and Bonneville have been very desirable.
    • Making sure details like lot dimensions are included in your listing will help get it sold.
  • [17:55] What sort of roadblocks are you encountering on the financing side?
  • [19:04] What areas are experiencing softness currently?
    • Outskirt areas like Leduc have been struggling.
    • Large condo developments.
    • When buying try to think long term.
  • [20:45] Is there a certain demographic that should or shouldn’t be looking at the condo market?
  • [22:30] Just because you’re approved for a $500,000 loan, doesn’t mean you need to use it all. Being cash poor and having all of your money going to bills is not a good way to live.
  • [23:40] What sort of traits should someone be looking for in a Realtor?
    • The interview and selection of your realtor are very important.
    • Ask them about their statistics. Much like athletes, Realtors have the numbers like the amount of time on market, how many houses sold last year, what percentage of sales to list compared to the average.
    • Find someone that is passionate about their career and who is active in their community.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7fhJeMuT4c&w=1280&h=720]


Contact Dave Ozubko

Web: www.davesells.ca

Tel: 7809668227






018: Selling The House In A Divorce? Tammie Savage Shares Tips That Can Help The Process

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I Love Edmonton Real Estate
I Love Edmonton Real Estate
018: Selling The House In A Divorce? Tammie Savage Shares Tips That Can Help The Process

Jason Scott talks with Tammie Savage, a Realtor who specializes in divorces and separations.

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